Unmc nursing acceptance rate

I think I screwed up my nursing school interview

2023.06.07 00:42 HourWillow790 I think I screwed up my nursing school interview

I just went in for my pre nursing interview with my school. I practiced for weeks and did mock interviews. I don't know what happened. I was so nervous I started saying stupid things and I have no idea why I said them. I went to my car and cried for a couple of hours. My program interviews 50 people but only accepts 40 and I think I definitely am going to be at the bottom of the list. They somehow score the interview and require a 70% to even be considered. I have no idea how it's scored or what I made, but I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't even get 70%.
I said a lot of things I think was dumb, but I think one of the worst was the very first interview when they asked if I was a team player or an individual. I said I was a team player, but then I got nervous and started to babble stupid things about how I struggled to work in groups because I lack the confidence to speak up and that I struggle with delegating tasks because I feel like asking for helps makes me lazy and selfish. I don't know why I did that and freaked out. I could have talked about my experience volunteering on teams or literally anything but the stupidity I said. And I think I screwed up when they asked how diversity could be incorporated in nursing. I said that I believed diverse people should be hired and we should focus on learning about other cultures and their needs. Then for some stupid reason I blurted out that nurses "shouldn't all look like me- young white women." I have no clue why that came out of my mouth. I don't think that was appropriate at all.
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2023.06.07 00:40 poppopglock Frustrations with work

So I’m an 20 year old electrician apprentice and I’m a guy. To say that my coworker Matt has been going through it would be the understatement of the decade. His crazy wife that has tried to kill him in the past kicked him out of the house without any of his shit and is feeding his daughter lies to try to get her to hate him. That’s just the short version but he’s missed a couple of days of work due to his situation.
Now I don’t remember how the conversation started but I was talking with my foreman and another coworker just doing what us union members are good at - killing time, when I mentioned something along the lines of “Man Matt has been going through it lately.” To which my foreman’s response was “yeah but we all are going through stuff, back when I was going through shit I still came to work.” When I heard her say that it kind of set me back a bit. How cold was that response? This man has essentially lost everything in the last couple of days and there wasn’t an ounce of sympathy in her. Her reasoning is “yeah I’ve had problems so everyone else isn’t allowed to.” The fact that he has even come in at all sense honestly deserves praise in itself and if I were going through what that man is I’d probably be one inconvenience away from killing myself. For the rest of the work day I didn’t give a single fuck about my job and although I did shit right, I moved slow as fuck. Because if she didn’t care about him, she clearly didn’t care about me, and if she doesn’t care about me how the fuck does she expect me or anyone else for that matter to give a fuck about their job?
And here in lies the problem and the whole reason why I’m here in the first place. I’m young and I understand there is still much for me to learn but I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around how people manage to have careers. We spend at least 40 hours a week to work, usually to do stuff we wouldn’t exactly do by choice, and to gain an ounce of what we believe we are worth. We do all these things and sacrifice all this time for people who do not give a shit about us or what we are going through. And still they expect us to operate at 100% everyday, for 8 hours straight, show up on time, (some even tell you to show up early) never stop and talk to coworkers, or indulge in any other distractions that might take away from being as efficient as physically possible. Add onto that the politics of the work place where you have to talk different to your boss than your other coworkers simply because of their title and you just have a recipe for a headache that is becoming harder and harder to deal with. It’s like these people (or even society as a whole) expect robots and not human beings. I’ve always struggled with depression and the only thing that consistently seems to take me out of it are other people. I’m an extroverted guy and I love talking to people and just listening to whatever they have to say. I have always had a hunger to learn and I have gained some wisdom and learned a lot of useful things from others. I guess the thing I’m trying to say is that out of all the things I do, I feel the most fulfilled when talking and doing things with other people. I think it’s biological to be honest because like it or not we are social creatures. And I just wish that I could spend more time doing that and not have to put up with all the other bullshit around it.
The thing that drives me crazy is how much we as a society have veered away from “being human.” Like I mentioned earlier, why do I have to talk to my boss differently than I talk to other coworkers? Why do I have to watch what I say around certain people and bite my tongue? Why do we have to wear all these masks to fit into these completely fabricated situations that destroy our authentic selves in the process? WHY CANT WE JUST BE HONEST AMD TRUE TO OURSELF? I’m frustrated with my foreman but also the world as a whole. I understand her job is to make sure that we work and I also understand that she gets paid a lot more than me to do that. But I also understand that I am a pretty disciplined guy and most times I am completely capable of meeting expectations even without supervision. So why can’t I get a break from the monotony and talk to my coworkers for a minute? Why must I be expected to work so hard for someone (or a company) that so clearly does not hold my best interests at heart? Where has our sense of community gone? These societies we live in are absolutely astonishing. We have skyscrapers that reach into the sky, we have made technological advancements that make what used to be hard tasks child’s play, and yet people are killing themselves at higher rates than ever before. All for a green piece of paper.
People say my generation is lazy and doesn’t want to work and I’ve done my damnedest to fight that stereotype and work my ass off but at what point do we stop pretending this life that we live and the shit we put up with is worth it? Is it because I haven’t made enough money yet? Is it because I’m not old enough? What does that even mean? Because if it means that I just accept it for what it is then that’s not an answer that makes me want to live for the future.
Thanks for taking the time and reading my thoughts and listening to me ramble. I don’t really have a family or friends that would. It really means a lot more to me than most of you could truly grasp. Please feel free to share your perspectives. Is there something I’m missing here? Or did I hit the nail on the head with this one?
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2023.06.07 00:23 Which_Oil2866 WIBTA for not giving my uncle 400$ per month?

Hello im 16 and I recently moved in to my maternal uncle and 18 year old cousins house. Me, my mom, and my autistic/diabetic brother are on social security, My mom who’s 54 was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer on Mother’s Day and was given 4-6 months to live but recently it was lowered to 2 months. My mom couldn’t take care of herself anymore even with hospice coming once a week so she’s living with a friend and arranging for my brother to go into a group home. And I’m supposed to stay at my uncles one week and my paternal half sisters (43) one week as she’s a travel nurse and spends one week in our state and another in a different state, she’s currently out of the country for 2 weeks so I have to live with my uncle. I’d much rather live with her and my two nephews because I’ve known them my whole life and there very accepting of the lgbtq community and I’m non-binary, compared to my Christian transphobic uncle who still uses my dead name even tho I correct him and my mom told him to not call me my deadname. When I turn 18 my sister wants me to come live with her and my nephews in the state she travels too every other week and her become a full time nurse there which I do plan on doing.
since I’m on social security I currently get 800$ per month and when my mom dies I’ll most likely get more, My uncle told me that with the 800$ he wants to take out 400$ per month for “food” which I think is ridiculous as with me, my mom, and brother we’d only spend 300$ per month on groceries. I’d only live with him two weeks each month anyways I talked about this with my school social worker at school and even my school social worker is confused about why he’d need 400$ a month for food when I’m only with him for 2 weeks a month and it’s way too much for just one person. They basically told me it’s like paying rent, my moms just agreeing with my uncle as shes on drugs for pain and overall not in the right headspace so I told her that me and my social worker at school tomorrow are going to call he and discuss this with her and she agreed. Me and my social worker are going to get me a social security social worker and try to get her to make my bank account and savings account in my sisters name when she dies (my uncle wants that to go in his name I do not trust him to handle my money and savings) and as well a legally binding contract. They also gave me resources to a lawyer for minors if needed. We’re also going to make a plan with my sister when she comes back to the U.S. about all this. My plan was that he should get 100-200$ per month as he only specified food, my sister get 100-200$ as well if she wants it, and the rest of the 400 or so be left to me and I wanted to put 100 towards a car and 100 into savings for when I turn 18 and move with my sister and the other 200 towards living/non essentials, etc. I also do art commissions to where I make a decent amount.
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2023.06.07 00:15 pathseekingscholar MIT & NMC ?

Among the 5,613 students selected as NCM finalists in 2022, what was the approximate number of students who chose to rank MIT?
After reviewing the data, I found that out of the 9,557 students who applied early to MIT, 664 were accepted, resulting in an acceptance rate of 6.95%. In contrast, MIT only accepts 10 students from the QuestBridge program. Assuming that at least 4,000 finalists apply to MIT through QuestBridge, the acceptance rate for this specific pathway would be approximately 0.25%. Given these figures, should I apply to MIT through QuestBridge?
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2023.06.07 00:07 lonelyfriend99 New here.. .About to hit six months! My story...

Hey everybody!
New to this subreddit, transplant from bipolar — I'm a recovering alcoholic and drug addict that also has Psychotic Bipolar Disorder and ADHD comorbidly. While I've been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 for a while now, I finally sought treatment for Alcohol and Cocaine Use Disorders, and I'm about to hit six months clean!
I partially wanted to make this post just to brag — I don't really have like, anybody in my life that's sober and/or neurodivergent to commiserate and celebrate with, so now that my social energy is returning, I'm coming back to Reddit to find some digital socialization. But, I also want to be here as a source of encouragement for those earlier in their journey. This was my first try quitting, and getting to this point has been absolute hell in some regards and at certain points. But, I'll say that on the other side and a half year later, life is so much sweeter.

It started in my very early adulthood. At least, started to get noticeable. I'd always been a moody kid, and I was in conflict with peers and family very often. I was a closeted gay kid, and in a conservative, religious, Midwest context, I absolutely did not fit in. But, one thing got me through: my intellect. Since childhood, I've been incredibly intelligent and eloquent. My first words were full sentences, and started at less than a year old, as my mother's story goes. I could read full books by first grade, and was composing novel creative writing by ten years old. I've been a poet all along, and my creativity and brains have gotten me very very far. Yes, Catholic school was hell, but I was valedictorian and eventually went to an Ivy League college.
We drank quite a bit in Catholic school. On weekends at football games and parties, most my classmates and I would partake from about age sixteen. It wasn't necessarily problematic at that point for my lack of regular access. I could only drink when I had it from someone else. But, from the very moment my lips touched any alcohol other than the Blood of Christ, my life was redirected. I was so obsessed with drinking, and would do it to the most extreme and most frequent as possible. It made me ecstatic, even to just think about.

Once I got to college, things got bad. I got a fake ID, started going to much larger and better-stocked social functions, and also had a much more progressive and diverse crowd to socialize with. By spring of my freshman year I was meeting the clinical conditions for Alcohol Use Disorder. Obviously most of it was in secret. At points, I was even fermenting my own grape juice in my closet to get drunk alone in my dorm room. I've also been a major nicotine fiend since about sixteen, and engaged in that constantly too.
The summer after that freshman year, I returned home to my family where I spent the break cashiering. I couldn't get a decent internship, and accepted an only part-time and unpaid one with a local nonprofit. I also continued to drink in excess, a considerable amount for the age and time of my life. Probably the equivalent of a pint a night. I was just eighteen, and my parents one night found me drunk and vaping. They took the vape from me and referred me to my primary care provider for a mental health assessment. At the time, they thought my primary issue was the underage nicotine addiction. That PA suggested I find a therapist, and prescribed me a moderate dose of Wellbutrin, thinking it'd help the vaping and "mild" depression.
And it worked! For a while. The remainder of the summer and following early fall went fine. I continued to drink, but less problematically and miserably. I returned to school that September and found a therapist and psychiatrist through my school's clinic. Eventually, the depression and over-drinking began to creep in again though, and I again found myself begging a prescriber for help. He dxd me with Major Depression, switched me to Zoloft (a mere 25mg), and sent me on my way. As I left, he gave a small warning... patients that have Bipolar Disorder sometimes have an averse reaction to antidepressants... if you start to feel manic, give us a call.

Things got very bad very fast. I was already experiencing sleeping problems, and the insomnia that was exacerbated was intense. I was going days and days without sleeping — my record was five nights in a row of only microsleeps of 5 minutes or less throughout the days. I went literally crazy, clinically manic and increasingly psychotic. Eventually, I lost lucidity and became fully delusional. I thought the government was chasing me, that everything was a simulation, that I was on the run. I went to Urgent Care and explained my situation to the nurse. She dismissed me, calling it mere anxiety and sending me home to "go meditate."
Out into the night I went. It was a cold Thanksgiving night, the streets empty, everybody home with their families. I was alone at school, unable to afford a fight home for the holiday. I received a message from beyond, and embarked upon my mission. In the streets, I was running around and screaming, searching for clues wherever I could find them. The world seemed a puzzle to me, and it was my job to solve it. Eventually, I encountered campus police. They detained me and took me to campus Urgent Care, who eventually ambulanced me to the local psychiatric ER, who the next day admitted me to the local psychiatric hospital, where I spent a week.
The issue is, I was incredible at masking. The staff had little idea my internal thoughts and processes; I considered it a part of my mission to remain silent about the simulation. And, I was stoned when they picked me up. They observed me for a week, and discharged me without a diagnosis. School put me on an involuntary leave and I went home to start winter break early. Back there during my first follow up with a new local doctor, I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder, obviously having reacted to the SSRI. While the hospital insisted the episode was cannabis induced, I'm fairly certain that was for liability purposes, that hospital attached to the same campus clinic that misdiagnosed me in the first place.

The following years were hell. I spent months severely overmedicated, at one point gaining ninety pounds in just three months. I continued to sustain episodes, albeit more mild, being forevermore on a heavy antipsychotic routine. I lost most all my friends. COVID happened. I got into debt. I continued to drink more and more. I picked up cocaine. I sent my life into a spiral, all in secret. Because, upon my return to school, they had me on probation. If I was known to be drinking or using, they would put me back on leave. But, I hate the Midwest and couldn't go back, so I couldn't seek treatment.
I lived a secret alcoholic and cokehead for years. I got myself into severe debt from spending and gambling, I continued to get and lose jobs, and struggled to even get to class. But, on the surface, I was doing fine. In fact, pretty good — I even graduated Cum Laude. But, I hated my life. I was a mess and knew that my life was unsustainable. So at the end of my last semester Fall 2022 (I took one semester off during COVID for non-health reasons), I made the decision to seek treatment. I finished my last exam, packed up my dorm with one carry-on packed for rehab. My parents drove from Midwest to New England to pick me up, bring me home, and drop me at the hospital, where I spent a week.
I will be honest: the last six months have been hell at times. Of course the chemical withdrawal from years of drinking a fifth-a-day and snorting a gram-a-day are going to leave you exhausted. I spent months doing absolutely nothing. I slept and cried all day and stayed up ruminating all night. I continued to try adjusting my meds, another new doctor having taken me off any stimulant ADHD treatment (another diagnosis I picked up along the way) and leaving me debilitated. I couldn't get out of bed. I couldn't think. I couldn't write.

But... I think things are finally turning around. I tried AA but I didn't like it very much. My local chapter in the rural Midwest is, obviously, not a very friendly crowd to this flamboyant homosexual cokehead, so I didn't stay. But, I did keep one principle — a higher power. Mine is astrology. With the support of a finally-tolerable med routine and the commitment to something larger than myself, I'm finally starting to get over the initial sobriety hump, and it feels amazing.
I wake up every morning and feel truly grateful for once. I'm not hungover, I'm not throwing up and shitting my pants while I rush late to work or class. I'm getting up with the sunrise, before my alarm, and writing poetry again and slowly chipping away at my debt and repairing things with my parents and... staying sober. Next week I hit six months.
To anyone who wants to or has just started this journey, I'm holding space for you. Being neurodivergent is incredibly difficult at times. But, it can also be incredibly rewarding. You are worthy of good health, and I hope you're able to find and keep the support you deserve.

Idk why I wrote all this... Kinda manicky today, actually. Anyways, if you've made it this far, thanks for hearing my story. I hope it can be helpful or comforting in any way. If anyone has questions I'm happy to try and answer.
For anyone curious, my current med routine:

Thanks again for hearing my story. I wish you all well ~~
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2023.06.07 00:00 The_Dying_Swan Ledn - Free $10 USDC. Earn up to $50 USDC

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Ledn supports just two crypto assets: Bitcoin (BTC) and USD Coin (USDC), so in my opinion they are relatively safer than most other platforms out there since they don't bank/gamble on all the coins in the universe.
Ledn was founded in 2018 by Adam J. Reeds and Mauricio Di Bartololomeo. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
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2023.06.06 23:57 Top_Relation_3344 Charge nurse woes

So I float and have recently found a unit I love and got an offer to be FT. I want to say yes, the pay is great but there’s a big issue making me want to say no. This isn’t so much about should I accept or not, it’s moreso what would you do if you were already the staff.
The charge nurse is just lazy. I’ve been charge nurse myself. The hospital doesn’t require charge to do audits, any desk work or unit plannings, we have a coordinator who does all of that. The charge generally gets 2 stable patients and later in the day will even accept an admit if their patients discharge etc. basically the charge is a helping hand, gives advice, can help cover during breaks. There’s 3 other charge nurses that rotate during the weekdays.
This specific charge is overwhelmed with just about everything. She gives herself 1patient that is planning to discharge by noon and sits the rest of the day. She doesn’t offer to help and if you ask, she’ll say she’s busy or to ask someone else. Sometimes she says yes, but “forgets” even if you remind her. My friend is on the unit and has really tried everything to attempt getting a new charge. The manager is aware and has had numerous “talks” that go nowhere. Once it’s gotten that bad, with no repercussions, what would you do? A few times the charge has been regular staff with 4-5 patients and has been so overwhelmed she made up an emergency to go home. Her assignments often don’t get done until after 7pm when the next shift is arriving, during STAT calls she’s missing.
What would you do next? The manager is definitely aware
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2023.06.06 23:51 lafaa123 [WTS] 23 Certified US Coins. Mostly Walkers/Morgans but there's other Type Stuff in there as well. Also some 40% for melt.

Shipping is $4 for up to 8ozt, $6 for 8-12ozt. Above that goes flat rate for $8. I take responsibility for everything up until an acceptance scan from the USPS. I pack very well(see my feedback for that) and will do everything I can to make you whole in the event of a delivery issue. I can also insure packages at cost which is fairly low
I take Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal FF, or actual cash.
I offer returns on items if you are not happy with them, with some exceptions for commodity items. Unless the item is egregiously not as expected I will refund the cost of the item less shipping expenses.
I will entertain offers for anything, worst I can do is say no. More leeway can be given for larger purchases
Here's the goods:
Price Silver QTY
$73(MELT) 21x 40% Kennedy Halves 1
Price Half Dimes + Dimes QTY
$325 1853 Half Dime PCGS MS-63 1
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$2700 1881 Seated Dime PCGS PR-67 CAC. DL Hansen 1
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Price Quarters QTY
$7250 1853 Arrows + Rays Seated Quarter NGC MS-65 1
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$1850 1859-O Seated Half NGC MS-63. Nice Color on this one 1
$200 1936 Walking Liberty Half NGC MS-65 1
$175 1942-D Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-66 1
$300 1942-S Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-65 CAC 1
$135 1943 Walking Liberty Half NGC MS-66 1
$2500 1943-S Walking Liberty Half NGC MS-67 1
$130 1945 Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-65 OGH 1
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Price Dollars QTY
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$300 1891-CC Morgan VAM-3 Spitting Eagle ICG XF-40 1
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2023.06.06 23:50 CoachMike15 Any help?

Hey everyone, currently having trouble deciding what to do. I’m 25, making over $25/Hour at my current full time job with good benefits and a 401K that matches 3.5%. I don’t mind the job and it’s pretty laid back but I don’t see much potential to grow within the company. However, I’m considering applying for a state job that pays $20(and change)/hour. It has better benefits and a pension. The hourly difference means I’m going to lose a decent amount a year. But I also coach which would cover what I’m losing by going to the new job if I get accepted. Does the new job with less money but with a pension seem like a better idea? Or should I continue making more money now and hope that in 40-50 years my 401K has been doing well? Side note, I’d also be able to drop to on call at my current job and work weekends that I want at the $25/hour rate! Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you everyone.
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2023.06.06 23:47 hogbitter Butterfly balsa carbo x5 replacements/ discussion

Tldr; heavy spin pure looper looking advice or alternative equipment to try since the change to balsa carbo x5 with fastarc g-1 rubbers.
I've used this blade for about ten years and loved it, but just switched to the new revamped version and wondering if it's a defective blade or it really is significantly different to the old model?
I am a recreational club player, don't have a rating system in my country but I have played for 15 years and have plateaued around the upper second divisions in the different leagues I have played in. I am a very aggressive topspin looper and fairly forehand dominant. I have a very powerful backhand too, but it's a confidence shot and I don't practice enough for it to be consistent. The strengths of my game are disguised serves and unusually spinny topspin loops on any ball I have time over. Weaknesses are when I am rushed and poor ability to punch or flat hit. I have been using and liking fastarc G-1 on the x5 for a while now, but on the new model my attacks seem much tamer, both slightly slower and a lot less spin.
Does anyone have any recommendations for next steps to try? My priority is to maximise loop topspin and serve spin since I hide a lot of weaknesses behind these. With my old setup I struggled quite a bit with touch play over the net, although I was much better with different setups before and accepted the tradeoff for the high throw and easy spin. I know there is the x7 blade but I don't know how it compares.
I've previously tried the violin with the same rubbers and again found it hard to generate the same level of spin on my shots, and tried rasanter rubbers which were completely ineffective with my technique.
Does anybody here use the butterfly balsa carbo x5 blade? If so I'd love to hear what rubbers you use with it and your playing style since I've never encountered anyone else using it!
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2023.06.06 23:40 NotOmarTorrijos My experience after visiting Bodmin Jail - past life memories? Spiritual attachment?

In August of 2018 I visited the famously haunted Bodmin Jail with my family, aged 16. It wasn't until 2021, after a period of severe depression/anxiety that my brain started to allow me to put some pieces together, and I believe this visit to the jail left me with 'something'. I feel as though a part of the jail is still with me. I'm going to try and explain in the best way I can.
At 16 years old I wasn't a solid believer in the paranormal. I was into Paranormal shows, watched all the trashy ghost hunting shows out there, and had a large collection of books on the subject, but I'd never experienced anything with my own senses that I could confidently describe as paranormal. I was completely open to it, but I'd never experienced it myself. I also, thankfully, had no experience with mental health issues. I'd made it through school confident, grounded, perfectly comfortable with myself, and looking forward to the future. Hopefully this will give you some context to what I'm about to try and describe.
Flash forward to a family holiday to Cornwall in 2018, and we'd decided to visit Bodmin Jail, having seen photos online of the incredible abandoned wings of the prison, overgrown with ivy and slowly decaying behind the layers of moss. We'd visited many similar sites over the years and although prisons have an inherently spooky vibe to them, something about Bodmin felt immediately different to me. I remember feeling as though I could easily have maxed out a heart rate monitor as we walked through the gates into the courtyard. My memory of the building and our tour around it is a little fragmented since it took place 5 years ago, but I'll try my best. I recall first descending narrow stairs with a cast iron handrail into a basement section of the building. Once in the lower levels, I felt a sudden wave of complete emotional overload. It felt as though I could physically feel all of the emotions of the building; the air felt like it was squeezing my stomach and I felt completely dissociated from my surroundings. It's one of the worst sensations I've felt to this day. I described it to my girlfriend like the feeling you get in a nightmare where not just events or places are bad, but your entire being is bad; you're existing on a plane of reality constructed from pain and fear. Something I felt specifically in the basement area is the sense that things happened there which are not known about. As if all of the people who suffered there were screaming out that there were crimes committed against them in those lower levels of the building which were never discovered; forms of abuse or punishment which were far more extreme and perverted than what is common knowledge about prisons of the era.
Other parts of the jail felt terrible still, but none as hopeless and dark as the lower levels. The only other area which felt comparable to the basement was an area located at the entrance to the naval wing of the jail. I vaguely remember an entrance to a shaft of some kind, possibly a lift or chimney, which has a very foreboding aura about it. Interestingly I felt completely disconnected from the execution pit on display there. On paper this should be a more sinister part of the tour, but I remember feeling far less suffocated there, and as if a part of my subconscious recognised the area as 'wrong'. A voice in a deep part of my brain was telling me "wait, this isn't how it looked". I've never experienced a feeling like it.
In the months following, I began college, and not long after my first term, began experiencing things I'd never felt before. Moments where I would again feel the same sense of darkness and panic that I did in the basement of Bodmin Jail, days where it felt as though my brain was trapped somewhere, but my body was free. I remember occasions where I cried out of the blue for no reason. Nothing was happening in my life which would trigger these reactions, my life was going well by all accounts, although it did not stay this way in the coming years. By the following winter I had decided to see a therapist. I was struggling in so many areas of my mental health, most interestingly that I would panic in a space where I was 'shut in'. Classrooms with closed doors/busses/rooms with no clear exit. A therapist even told me once that my symptoms reflected those of someone struggling with PTSD, and explicitly listed an example of someone who had previously been incarcerated. Somehow I still didn't connect the dots; the visit to the jail had not crossed my mind for a long time.
During my recovery from this period of depression, I developed an interest in meditation and spirituality. Meditation was without a doubt one of the most powerful tools to my recovery and I inevitably found myself researching different types of meditation practices. One day I decided to follow a guided meditation track designed to help you to recall images from past lifetimes. Whilst I never came to any meaningful conclusions about past lives, I did encounter several very vivid images whilst doing the meditation, which I drew on scrap paper immediately afterwards. One image, a clock tower, seemed oddly familiar. At some point that day, it dawned on me that the clock tower was in fact the clock tower located not far from Bodmin Jail, near a set of roundabouts in the village. All of the memories the jail, the visit, and the sensations I felt there came back to me, and I felt completely engulfed, the same way I felt in the basement of the jail. I spent time researching the jail, and discovered after a while that the clock tower stands were the original town gallows were located, before gallows were constructed inside the prison walls.
It took me a good while to reach the conclusion that the visit to the jail way well have been the trigger for all of the emotional turmoil I went through. The random intense feelings I continue to encounter occasionally out of the blue of angefeahopelessness/being trapped/feeling betrayed may not be as random as I'd previously thought. I think I'm still in the slow process of accepting that I didn't leave from that jail alone. Something came with me, be it the memories and feelings of another who suffered there, or my own memories and experiences from a previous lifetime. Either way, my life has been different ever since. Although mentally I made a good recovery (despite 2 years of hell), I have never felt the same. Like sometimes I'll be enjoying a good day, and something just materialises inside me and I'm right back in those basement levels. I feel scared, trapped, sick, cold, angry...and then it vanishes as quickly as it came. I've seen other posts on Reddit about this location, and I'm hoping to hear some other stories about it. If you've visited the location or have any kind of experience with attachments or past life memories, please comment. I'd love to hear your stories. Thank you for taking the time to read.
Some further interesting points:
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2023.06.06 23:36 poltergust30000 I (23f) co-own a mobile home with my now estranged mother (47f). What are my options?

My grandma owned a mobile home in a trailer park but then she got very ill. My grandma basically raised me so I moved in with her and was essentially her live in nurse in her last few months before she passed. My grandma never had any kind of will or trust but she told me that when she passes that the house and everything in it would be mine.
Naturally when she passed (almost two years ago now) everything defaulted to my mother but she honored my grandma's wishes by signing me on as a co-owner of the mobile home. My grandma was a bit of a hoarder so the initial plan was once we went through everything and fixed it up, my mom would let me have full ownership of the house to do what I wanted with. So since then I've been living in this trailer by myself as my mom already has her own home. I've been paying the space rent and utilities for the home in full and my mom occasionally helps out with property taxes.
Since then our relationship has severely deteriorated and we are no longer on speaking terms. I found out today through my brother that my mom plans to sell the house and keep all of the money from the sale for herself. While I'm not necessarily opposed to selling the trailer as I don't plan to live there forever, I don't accept the idea that I wouldn't receive anything from it. In fact I had just recently been trying to work up the courage to speak to her and ask her to finally take her name off the house so I'm a little annoyed that she seems to have no intention to do that before I've even had a chance to speak to her.
I'm worried that she would somehow sell the house out from under me without my consent and I want to know if I have any legal entitlement to the money from a potential sale or what actions I can take to protect myself and my claim to the house.
TLDR; I inherited my grandma's house with my estranged mom and she wants to sell it and not give me any share of the profit, what can I do?
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2023.06.06 23:36 rmf1989 HSBC Credit Card via Quidco - £35 cashback & 17 month 0% purchases

This is for the HSBC credit card.
The offer nets you £35 cashback if you have Quidco Premium (also available on TCB and Quidco standard for £26.25 cashback).
I applied for the 17 month 0% interest purchase card and was accepted with a credit limit of £8,000.
In theory, if I made an £8k purchase on day one and then made minimum 2.5% repayments until the end of the 17 month interest-free period, I would make £287.82 interest on the £8k in Chip at the current rates.
I also got offered a 20 month 0% balance transfer, but I didn't need one.
Links (non-ref):
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2023.06.06 23:31 Cami-3018 Three days out and spiraling

To start, I’m so excited to marry my fiancé and I know in my heart this is what is most important. And he has been so supportive during the crunch time leading up to the wedding trying to take as much off my load as possible. But to say that the last couple of weeks have been challenging is putting it mildly.
First, the Saturday post-wedding event we planned (Friday wedding) we learned a few days ago is no longer possible due to circumstances out of our control (the venue had to abruptly shut down operations). We scrambled over the weekend to come up with an alternative event and felt good about averting that crisis.
Then this morning we found out that an extended family member tested positive for COVID. We were with this family member as well as many other family at another wedding this past weekend so there is the possibility we all were exposed. Me and my fiancé both got rapid tests and fortunately tested negative but have started receiving several declines now just days before our wedding. Most of these are out of extra precaution and I understand everyone has to make the decision they are comfortable with but it’s still disappointing.
I am feeling pretty devastated. We had already received a larger than anticipated number of declines (about a 75% acceptance rate) and catering numbers have already been submitted so I’m out the money for these extra declines. I’m now also faced with potentially having to reconfigure the whole layout (that I spent weeks working on) to now fit a smaller group and not have empty tables and it has to be done tonight.
I’m just so exhausted and disheartened over the whole wedding event. I want to feel excited and happy but deep down I feel sad and embarrassed that our guest count is so much lower than what was expected and I’m second guessing all the decisions we have made up to this point. I should also add that I suffer from mild to severe anxiety that has become increasingly difficult to manage throughout the wedding planning process.
Not sure if I’m looking for advice, words of wisdom, or encouragement (or just need to vent). I know we will still have an amazing day but today just kind of sucks all around.
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2023.06.06 23:30 DeterminedAfterglow Uber as second income for single father.

I have a primary remote job that I need to be on call for (cybersecurity support), but I also need a second income. I had a roommate that was paying $1000 for their portion of the rent but they left a couple of weeks ago.
My car is too old to be accepted by Uber and is having some ongoing problems. I will need to be buying a new car and was thinking the Camery Hybrid since it gets pretty good gas mileage and good Consumer Reports ratings.
With all that, I will now need Uber and other apps to help me earn enough for (1000 rent) + (Extra Insurance) + (Car Payment) + (Wear and tear). Is there anything else I haven't considered? are there any good calculators or formulas to see if it is worthwhile? I am in Southern California, Inland Empire.
I would like to be there for my kids but the extra 1000 dollars a month isn't sustainable.
Thank you for any and all help and suggestions!
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2023.06.06 23:28 Ok-Statistician-6553 I’m truly embarrassed and ashamed that I’ve gotten to this point

I got married earlier this year and because we had no help from either of our parents, we were left to pay for our wedding with our own money (which is totally fine, I’m not trying to complain just explaining the situation). I had saved about $20,000 that I ended up using to pay for my nursing program out of pocket. Looking back, I would’ve been better off using my life savings for our wedding and just getting a government student loan, but I can’t go back in time, and I can’t change things. From our wedding, I put the majority of it on our credit card, because I am just a nurse (i work in a pediatric cicu), I don’t make that much money. I now have about $25,000 in credit card debt. This truly is super embarrassing that I let it get this bad as a am typically very good with my money. I am wishing now that we would have just eloped but again, I can’t change the past. However, I am looking to possibly consolidate the credit card debt, or at least get a lower interest rate there’s something else. After doing some research, the “national debt relief“ website looks like it may be a good option, but I want to get some other peoples input into this. My goal is to have the credit card debt paid off by the end of 2024. Does anyone have any insight to this or any other suggestions? I’ve been picking up 1 to 2 extras per week (working 56 hours a week with dying kids which isn’t ideal) to start paying down the credit card debt but I’m still interested in getting a third-party involved to help. Any suggestions? I also just want to mention that I’ve cut down all of my bills as much as I can, but with the cost of living and the prices of things skyrocketing, it’s not like I can go without food or gas to get me to work so I don’t need any suggestions about cutting my bills down! Just some insight as to a third-party I can get involved to help consolidate and get a lower interest rate! Thanks!!!
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2023.06.06 23:25 Professional_Owl_366 Jobs quote

Couldn't agree with you more. I've been there, and it's not fun looking in the back of couch cushions to try and scrape together enough money so you can at least eat a pack of instant noodles today, or be thrown out of your apartment because you don't have rent.
It really sucks, but this is the fundamental reason why companies like this are able to corner young and financially vulnerable people into a corner.
It's death by a thousand paper cuts, and I think we all can agree that the employeemployee level of trust is almost if not totally immolated in 2023.
I'm a hiring manager, and I always tell people to live by the FBI rule. Forever Be Interviewing. Have I had people leave because I haven't been able to leverage their skills to their full potential? Absolutely. Have I been in situations where I as the hiring manager have been told by the higher ups that we are not paying market rate and can't budge? More frequently than I would like.
Do I change what I tell people? Hell no.
The reason why I as a hiring manager can't pay more, is because the higher ups strategy has worked in the past. There is no positive feedback loop.
The reason why this is the right approach, is it avoids the chicken and the egg problem. You really need to have at least 6 months of living expenses tucked away. You can't do that if you're paid below a subsistence salary, or you're incapable of downscaling your bills. I.e. you have children, family member you have to support, illness in the USA, etc.
If you are interviewing constantly, and I'm talking at least one every 2 weeks, you'd be surprised at how *good* you get at interviewing. That's a head start already. You can high ball your salary, and not give a damn about whether they want to hire you or not. You have your current employer, at least until they find out you're interviewing. If they do find out, double down. Demand more. Accept the counter offer and see if how they value you changes. If it doesn't, FBI and *leave*. *Ruthlessly*.
I got given a brilliant piece of advice earlier in my career by the CEO of a recruitment company I worked for. "Always move diagonally. You will never promoted as fast."
I took his advice and left his company! This was over 20 years ago. I bumped into him last year. He was happy I took his advice. I reflected back, and realised how many times I used his recruitment company to fill roles in mine.
Which brings me on to why do I still do it. Because relationships survive organisations. People don't leave companies, they leave their managers. Which includes constraints put upon those managers. If you're open and transparent as to why, well, relationships survive organisations. I have called people I have worked with before, and been able to bring them into my current gig just on my name alone. It's no secret weapon, it's goodwill. Something that can't be measured, and thus is forgotten. Goodwill is a fancy name for trust, which is a fancy name for this guy's not an asshole. That's my motivation, and it's served me well.
"Oh, but as a manager you'll get fired for that!". Ummm... yes. And I have been. As I personally practice what I preach, I've always got the next gig lined up. So go ahead fire me. I won't sacrifice my values for your greed. You don't want to be working for an asshole. I don't want to be an asshole. If the company requires me to be an asshole, hire someone that is naturally an asshole.
On the flip side of financial vulnerability in 2023? There are plenty of jobs paying close to minimum wage. We certainly don't want to waste that opportunity to punch back and bloody some noses. If a few people leave, it's a blip on the radar that can be conveniently hidden in a spreadsheet of doom. If it's systemic, it hits shareholders. That's when people care.
And yes, the excuses are already showing. "Oh, people don't want to work." (For below poverty level wages). "Quiet quitting is in!" (Because duh, you get what you pay for.) "There is a skills shortage!" (Because only monkeys happily work for peanuts, and eventually monkeys get sick of peanuts.)
It's time for everyone to cut the crap and get down to brass tacks. You can't assume your employer is going to do the right thing by you. Empower yourself and don't get steamrolled by a group of assholes, because you're vulnerable.
Don't be loyal to your company. *DO* be loyal to your manager. *IF* your manager is loyal to you. More than likely, they'll drag you to their next gig, because you're trusted hands and a known quantity.
*DO* work hard, give your manager the benefit of the doubt.
*STOP* working hard and actively interview if your manager is not supporting you.
This is exactly what has been deliberately removed from our employment culture. Why? Because it sure maximizes shareholder profit. But it's like buying one of those gold rings from a cheap store. They've been hollowed out, and it's just a facade. Why does nothing work today? Because things have been cheapified, and crappified to this point of breaking.
Everyone needs to push back and start having the *capability* of saying no. Sometimes in not such a polite manner.
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2023.06.06 23:23 Apprehensive_Word155 Any Advice About NYU DAUS?

So I recently learned about NYU DAUS and I am very interested in the program. However, it seems a bit too good to be true.
For context: I am one year out of high school and just finished my first year of college. I am looking to transfer to NYU and saw that their continuing studies program (DAUS) is accepting both traditional and non-traditional students. However, I wasn't able to find any information about their acceptance rate, how competitive it is to get in, or if my degree would say NYU or "NYU DAUS."
Is anybody in this sub enrolled in the program, or know anything about it? Especially in regards to how difficult it is to get in and if my degree will be the same value as any other NYU school? Or will employers look at my degree differently?
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2023.06.06 23:19 Objective-Bake1108 A list of known ways to avoid scrubbing into cases — MUST READ

Hi everyone,
This post is directed to people who aren’t going into surgery and don’t want to spend hours standing still doing absolutely nothing while being ignored. Basically if you have any sense of self respect this post is for you.
I am 100% convinced that the surgical rotation is useful for future doctors. But watching your 100th lap choly is a hazing process, which is not education and unnecessary. Surgeons know this, circulating nurses know this and so do scrub techs. They are trying to fuck with you before they will never be able to again, because they are miserable with their own lives.
Here is a compiled list of strategies to avoid OR time.
Anymore strategies please help out fellow students avoid this hazing ritual. Lets make it right for the future generation.
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2023.06.06 23:15 Hij802 Was on a dash, got zero orders after 30 minutes so I ended it. My acceptance rate went down from 81% to 73%. Support said I declined 8 orders but said there was nothing that could be done to restore it. Absolutely useless support.

Was on a dash, got zero orders after 30 minutes so I ended it. My acceptance rate went down from 81% to 73%. Support said I declined 8 orders but said there was nothing that could be done to restore it. Absolutely useless support. submitted by Hij802 to doordash_drivers [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 23:15 Basic-Marionberry-30 Working as a paraprofessional but want a backup plan

39/F who has been working as a paraprofessional with children with ASD at my daughters school. The hours and commute are great and all feedback I’ve gotten from administrators is positive. However, I know I’m not young and am looking for something to fall back on as I feel like there is a big burnout rate in this field.
I have an associates in Heath sciences; medicine has always been interest but I’m not the best at hands-on. I’ve tried nursing in my early 20’s and dental hygiene school in my late 30’s and failed clinically at both.
I’m looking in to Healthcare management/community health, BCBA, or OT.
I know OT is hands on, but I feel it’s not patient care as much as teaching adls. Still, clinical failure looms large. I’m obviously willing to go back to school, but since I’m close to 40 I’m trying to find something that can be a long-term, fairly lucrative (65k+) career. Any advice or tips?
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2023.06.06 23:11 SoulSeeker660 Experience but no pay raise?

Hello, for context, I worked for my University as a Learning Assistant. The job was only temporary for the Spring semester and now I am accepted to work for the Fall semester (same position). The pay is, well, fairly crappy, at about $16/hour. That was the base pay. After gaining some experience, I thought it would be a great time to ask for a pay increase. Nope. I got rejected. However I don’t quite understand the reason why though. From what I’ve been told, the pay rate is uniform for all Learning Assistants and this is the rate they report to the grant agency. I don’t know exactly how that works or what a grant agency even is and why it matters in this case. Can someone explain this?
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