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A place to discuss how to destabilize and remove corporate America from its seat of power. Also, help lying to corporate, and help with general dealings.

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2023.03.30 13:27 Kalinque [Excerpt Leman Russ: The Great Wolf] The Lion and Leman Russ after the Siege of Terra

The recent announcement of Lion's return to 40K reminded me of this part from Leman Russ's Primarch book. While there are of course lore bits in rulebooks and such covering his short part in the Scouring, I do believe this is chronologically the last time we see Lion in the books (until Son of the Forest comes out, at least).
Context: Lion and Leman have arrived in the Imperial Palace to find that the Siege is over and they were both too late to help. Depressed, Leman flees into the depths of the palace and falls asleep under a painting of the Compliance of Dulan, where he and Lion had famously come to blows. When he wakes up, Lion is there.
The Lion had his sword drawn, and its grey steel glinted in the cold. It was the same one that Russ had wrenched from his grasp in the Tyrant’s throne-room, all those years ago. It was said that he had never let a weapon slip from his fingers since.
‘I thought I knew wrath, on Dulan,’ said the Lion, eyes locked on the image. ‘But I knew not then what wrath was.’
Russ pushed his way past him, not wanting to do this. History would not remember why they had been delayed, only that they had been, and that would be enough.
‘Come back, Leman,’ the Lion said, turning to follow him.
Russ walked on, tasting the ash on his lips. ‘What for, brother?’ he asked. ‘What more is there to say?’
The Lion pursued him, catching up at the end of the gallery where more statues of old triumphs languished in the dust. He reached out and grabbed Russ by the shoulder, spinning him round.
‘It was never finished, that duel,’ the Lion hissed, his grey eyes narrow with fury. ‘We left it undone, year after year.’
‘You left,’ said Russ. He had no stomach for sparring. ‘When I woke up, you were gone.’
‘If I had stayed,’ said the Lion, his voice shaking with fervour, ‘truly, I would have killed you. But now I feel no such restraint, for all is ended, and all is madness, and nothing remains but vengeance for old scores.’
Russ made no move to defend himself. He had torn his armour off a long time ago, and in his heavy robes was defenceless. The tip of the Lion Sword still hung over him, held aloft by the Lion.
‘All is not ended,’ Russ said, defiantly, looking his brother in the eye. ‘Not yet, not unless we let it be so, but our fight is over. Leave it on Dulan.’
The Lion’s face contorted in a fury, driven by his unspeakable grief. ‘You never learned!’ he cried. ‘You should have been faster! It was your pride that kept you in the void!’
Still Russ made no move, though the Lion’s eyes were wild and dangerous.
‘And I am guilty, just as you are,’ the Lion urged again, his grip on the sword tight. ‘So fight me, and we will pass sentence on each other, the guilty slaying the guilty. I will not ask you again.’
It was then Russ knew that his brother could never turn aside. The Lion looked as if he was barely seeing the world around him. Perhaps he was back in the Tyrant’s throne-room, incensed, his unimpeachable pride at stake.
So Russ made no move. He left his chest exposed, held static under the blade’s shadow, undefended, and shook his head.
With a cry that was more pain than triumph, the Lion shoved his blade deep, carving through flesh, the steel shrieking as it bent against a primarch’s bones.
Russ roared out, his back arching, and felt the blackness rear up to cover him. He collapsed, the sword still buried in his chest, hitting the ashen floor with an echoing crack.
His last vision was of the Lord of Angels standing over him, tall, terrible, shrouded in the madness of regret.
In the next chapter, Leman tells a young Space Wolf what happened after that:
‘He knew he wouldn’t kill me,’ Russ said, grimly amused. ‘He told me that afterwards. He turned the blade aside, right at the last moment. It still took a week to heal. That damned sword.’
He chuckled mournfully. ‘It needed to be done, though. It cured the bad blood between us. Drained it out. We could speak again, after that.’
Haldor could see the images in his mind’s eye, far more vivid than when the skjalds told their tales. He could see the Palace in its downfall, and the surviving brothers stalking the shadows.
‘You are in mourning, lord,’ Haldor said at last. ‘Who has died?’
‘If you’d been listening, you would know.’ Russ sighed, and pulled the furs about him. ‘What is the count of years now? I forget. We have built much since that day on Terra. We are a Chapter now, for our old sins. I never wanted that, but I did it, for I have grown weary of fighting with my own brothers, and there has been much to rebuild and remake.’
The primarch did not look at Haldor. He slumped in the caverns of the Fang, racked by its eternal cold.
‘I curse that I know not when the Lion truly died,’ he murmured. ‘The tidings reach me now, but I do not believe them. He was never at the council when Guilliman and Dorn argued over the shape of the Imperium. We were told he was fighting in the Scouring, and why should we not have trusted that? If he had been there, perhaps he would have resisted the change, for he was ever proud of his Legion, as he had every right to be.’ Russ shook his head, and the shaggy locks, once blond, now grey, fell about him. ‘He returned to Caliban after the siege, and that was the last anyone heard of him. All is secrecy now, and we are kept from the truth by this endless war, year after year. They say he died fighting the Great Enemy. Maybe that is so. I cannot believe it, myself.’ He grinned. ‘I know how hard he was to bring down. He was an arrogant bastard, but he had reason for it. A knight indeed.’
So that was it. The primarch of the First was lost, and news had only now reached Fenris. Russ mourned for his brother, not for any warrior of his own hearth.
As an aside, Leman suspects that the Dark Angels have kept Lion's "death" a secret for quite a while before admitting he's gone. I wonder if Guilliman came to the same conclusions Leman did, and if so, if he remembers that these days.
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2023.03.30 13:26 Ramsajiwan1 Which online coaching is best for the UPSC CSE if I am preparing for 2022?

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2023.03.30 13:26 deepgoldz All Stirling Cooper Books (Updated List)

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2023.03.30 13:25 peppered_leopard Had a blow out on the motorway, paid for recovery (RAC) but couldn't get recovered because I had 3 other passengers

First time ever needing recovery so wasn't too sure how to go about it. I've got fully comp cover with Hastings but was told that wouldn't cover what I needed. Rang RAC and was transfered to Hastings to add breakdown cover to my insurance to make the call out cheaper. Ended up having to hang up after paying for breakdown cover so rang RAC back and unsurprisingly got through to a different person from the first call. This person told me I shouldn't have added breakdown cover because details won't be with RAC for a couple of days. I'm then given the option of being recovered at towed anywhere within 10 miles which I agreed to and paid the £160. During this phone call amongst a lot of personal info, location etc I was asked "how many passengers" I had, I reply 4, operator asks "4 adults?" yes 4 adults. Recovery van eventually turns up and says he can't take the car anywhere as he didn't have room for the 4 of us. He also couldn't take my car and myself as it would leave the 3 others stranded on the motorway. He showed me the message he received for the recovery and it had all of the information he needed except for the fact that there were 4 of us. So ultimately I paid for recovery and got told I couldn't be recovered. Do I have any chance of getting a refund for the call out?
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2023.03.30 13:25 ShahriarGH1389 I just made my own brawl stars TV series

I have my own story. So
Main character is gus.with the family of Belle and sam. Sam is the top leader of gold arm gulch and after many failed plans his infuriated and now hates guns.all he does is play with bloons and went missing becuz of an imaginary friend and his sure he'll never be part of gold arm gulch.sam decides to hunt people down himself brutally murdering them for power(power cubes)so he can be stronger.(Sam is the villain)after a while we see Chester and Mandy.and.chester is tired of being a joke to everyone.he tells Mandy his story and Mandy says :not falling for your pranks again.and he realized he will always be a joke and now he is also on the hunt for power cubes.afyer murdering bibi and bull he sees Mandy trying to fight him calling him a monster.he laughs and smiles and tells Mandy:I'm not a joke anymore am I?before throwing a jawbreaker at her and actually riding her jaw in half.meanwhile Sam (secretly) kills Pam and Jessie. Moving on he tries to hunt down Shelly as she always was his target for murdering his father.he realizes this is the perfect chance.afyer doing so the epic battle ends with Shelly dying.but bells catches him asking WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.he says:Revenge.we cut to Amber's childhood.seeing her family being poised and drowned by Otis due to elemental wars.we cut to her training for hours.days.weeks.months.and YEARS. With the goal of beating Otis.afyer another of things that I wont say for now she fights Otis.the fight goes for hours and finally she realizes.with a little mixture of Otis gue and gasoline it would blow she tries shooting her glass of gasoline after 3 tries she runs out of gasoline.and she charges at Otis and pulling her SMALL BOT OF GASOLINE WICH IS AT THE BOTTOM OF HER TORACH AND SHE GETS IT IN OTISS PIPE.And then.she dies with Otis fulfilling her revenge.and dying peacfully.
Addition:Mortis frank and emz are at a wedding.wmzs wedding with poco.after they kiss.a noise comes says:bad idea.emz yells:WHO WAS THAT
As a buff man stands up:a luchador figure says:I said.revealing el primo the 3rd villain on the hunt for power cubes.emz says:why?primo says:bc it won't last too long. Poco yells:PRIMO.DONT DO IT GRANDSON. Primo yells:WHY.WHAT DID YOU DO FOR ME TO FIGHT FOR YOU.
As his mask gets wet with tears he yells:AMBER FOUGHT FOR ME.SHE SAVED ME.SHE WAS MY SISTER! poco says:I know but it's not worth it.what is the point
Primo yells.killing you don't deserve to be don't deserve to be alive AFTER DEATH.SHE DID.
Frank walks up and says:(growls) Mortise translates:his saying you want some of these come get some.
while he jumps on them.
After the battle frank and emz have died and mortise is strangled
Primo whispering:how does if have your family killed.for a reason that could've been avoided.
as mortise is crying he says:relatable.
As he swings his bats healing himself and slowing down primo running away as his crying with flashbacks of her daughter soulvia(a concept of an undead brawler I made).
Back on guss track we actually see that gus uncle is Byron and spooky is actually given life by him
As Sam and Byron hangout Sam says how could he make his traps give hp using his oil when ever he picks it up.with a bit of engineering.hearty recovery star power was made
As Sam and Belle look at Byron and gus play around with apookie Belle says I love you to Sam not knowing what a monster he has married
As we cut to Rosa spike Bea and sprout we see them having fun except spike.he seems happy but his not.his a powerful being and his friends are silly.he can't not smile that's why he has one emotion.we cut to the born of his looking at the brawler fight in feast and famine his just a regular old cactus but as volt fires two bullet at him.he starts to see.he looks at the world for the first time.he sees his "father"looking at him.he was happy colt could read his impressions so he gave him a smile as he was very happy.he saw a giant Bea sting him and making him bleed while a muscular dark skinned woman comes and brutally beats colt to death.its Rosa and Bea.thats why spike hates them.and today.he learns about power cubes and he says to not gonna kill he turns his back we transition to him covered in blodd as he walks away from the dead bodies of his "friEnds" and goes to the hunt for power cubes. AND THE 4TH VILLAIN WAS CREATED
After bunch of story and events he meets el primo. After a long fight el primo is looking at him while his covered in blood and he looks at Amber's picture while saying :amorous o nunca(now or never)
He JUMPS AND HE LANDS WITH THE MAXIMUM FORCE WITH HIS BACK JUST be pierced thru the hear by spikes life plant(his gagdet) and spike putting three spike bomb in his mouth.the episode ends with spike walking away and blood splattering everywhere
(Alot of things have happened with would take so long to write so I'll go ahead and tell the ending now).
Sam has killed Chester now and with 67 power cubes.he realizes her family hates him.afyer Belle tries to kill Sam with the sniper.sam survives and what he does is.tying his family on the ground and burning them.after walking away a rope gets put and starts choking Sam.its gus.with 6 hp of shield.he survived after spookie gave him shield making him escape.after the reveal of the plot twist Sam eventually dies...while gus whimpering a crying at her mother's body.the season ends with buster voice saying:Little kid?
If you read the whole thing I appreciate it very much
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2023.03.30 13:25 Delicious_One_7887 Why is this app icon grey?

Why is this app icon grey?
I offloaded this app and updated to iPadOS 16.4 and now it’s grey. Cannot find a way to delete or remove it. Tapping on it doesn’t do anything. How can I fix it or get rid of it.
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2023.03.30 13:24 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk 101 (Complete)

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2023.03.30 13:23 Goklayeh Dune Spice Wars Feedback 01 : Accessibility & Ergonomy.

Hello, bought the game just after Air & Sand update, spent some time on it (vs AI), and wanted to share my experience and thoughts.
I enjoy strategy and gestion games, and am a huge science fiction and Franck Herbert fan, so I probably am somehow part of the targeted demography.
I have been testing projects and giving feedbacks for many years, and this hopefully constructive feedback is meant to help the team because I enjoy this game and want it to be awesome.
This is still a personnal experience though, feel free to discuss my points or question them may anything be unclear.
I'm aware that game dev is A LOT of work, and am not challenging the work already done, nor the people behind it. Similarly I know this is a work in progress, that my feedback might be already known or straight up wrong, that many element might change or be added, and that developement resources are limited and priorities have to be set. This is not meant to denignate players currently enjoying the game either.
Before starting, I wanted to say that the game is quite interesting and shows great potential, the design is really cool and the atmosphere well captured. It's really impressive how diverse the map and its regions look, considering sand and rock were the only main materials you could work with.
You'll find below the first part of my (very long!) feedback, focused on the accessibility/ergonomy part of the player experience.
Ergonomy is crucial. Even in a good game, if many elements are unclear, if it is hard to find the needed infos, understand what's going on, navigate the interface and interact with the game, that will generate a lot of friction and frustration (even prevent some groups of people from being able to play the game at all) and then deeply impact the experience. Then that will hurt attration and retention rates, and impact purchases numbers.
A fast yet efficient way to test some of your visual accessibility is to greyscale screenshots of the game and look at the shapes and contrasts to see what is understandable or not.
Spice Wars does have some accessibility issues, the good news is that streamlining and normalising the interface would greatly improve the access and understanding of information, and the ergonomy of navigation.
Tabs on top of the secondary windows would be great for easier and faster navigation between menus (Research, Landsraad, Espionage, CHOM, diplomacy/trading, barracks, etc).
The Spice Report & Guild Fee windows could probably be merged.
What's an interactible button/area (hover on popup or effect on click) isn't always the clearest. The Spice/Solari slider, or the trading/diplomacy icons, or the hover popup for villages upkeep for example.
Beware of popups. They are great to store additionnal details about something, but should be used sparingly and never contain the main information. Also the more there are, the more cumbersome using the interface gets. Every information or interaction hidden behind one or more layers of clicking or hovering adds needless complexity and mental workload (the espionnage window being a primary offender). If you have enough space to display the most important info in the main windows, show it there, and keep details & lore in the popup.
The pause/play UI could be more highlighted. A II and > icons replacing each other would make the different states clearer than the current slight color & contrast changes.
A "Retry" option would be nice: Starting again with the same current settings (faction, difficulty, etc).
What are training slots and is their number clearly/explicitely shown ingame? If not it should. Example: in the main window "Training slots = 2" and the popup on hover "Training slots is the maximum number of unit you can train at the same time".
In the resource popups, displaying all positives and all negatives totals would be useful. +5 gold could mean +10 -5, or +105 - 100, and having these totals would be relevant. Image example here.
There are many cases where the informations given are not relevant, missing, or misleading/confusing:
Map & Villages:
The big icon over an attacked village is more confusing and in the way than helpful. When you have your troop icons, enemy/militia icons, the village name bar, and then the big "under attack" icon plus the pillage/capture/liberate buttons, that is way too much to understand and use easily and it prevents you from selecting or targeting units regularly.
Bigger villages & buildings models would be lovely, I want to be able to look at them (& target them) better.
Buildings being targettable during town assault is confusing. Making clearer that militia/army being gone will stop the turrets and allow village capture would help.
There is a need of visual distinction of villages (and buildings) traits types. Currently local, local + neighbours, all territories, and global effects are all displayed similarly, and that's quite hard to follow.
A window to look at a list of all fremen camps you know of at once could be interesting, as being all over the map it can be quite bothersome to check them all. Sma for all you villages and their traits.
Sietches trading states could be displayed more contrasted/clearer than the current slightly whiter line around the icon.
In the zoom out main view, more contrast between the undiscovered regions and the map limits would be appreciated.
The fog of war system is a bit puzzling at times. Sometimes I keep vision and see everythin on faraway places for a long time, sometimes I see the region but units are hidden, othertimes parts or totality of a region I already explored is greyed out, and I have no idea how this all works.
Militia portaits are used for buying them but not shown in the village interface unlike soldiers? it would be cool to see the nice portraits.
Major buildings & Unique Regions have the same icon.
Factions units icons being only identified by a color is far from optimal in terms of accessibility, lisibility & ergonomy. Green and blue harvesters are really similar, neutral grey and Corrino light grey are quite close, Fremen yellow and Fremen sietches orange, harvesters & milicia being half grey, and then the renegates... It's not simple for the average player to keep track of all this, it is really hard for neurodivergent people or people with bad eyesight, and just impossible for colorblind people. All faction having a different icon shape - and even better texture - would help a lot. Image mockup here (yeah I know I'm not an artist, please have mercy).
Showing the relevant resource icon in the building button that it is associated with it would be helpful. With different icons when the ressource merely gives a boost or is required (minerals/rare elements).
You can't add new building slot in village during combat but you can start building construction. That feels strange.
It might be cool if the buildings choice popup could be always shown in the villages UI (same display system than the Fremen buildings you can craft in allied sietches). Building stuff is all we do in villages, doing this will drastically reduce the number of clicks needed.
Would be useful to have the base production displayed regrouped somewhere, over the main base for example?
I still don't know why some alerts are greens and others grey, and why some can be dismissed and not others.
Alerts you can dismiss and those you can't should have a different shape, color, and place.
The "building complete" alert could tell and show the building in question (/!\ Windrap finished !).
Notification for iddle Ornis (like harverters) would be cool.
Quests starting should trigger an alert.
A notification when a temporary unit joins you would be useful as well, I always discover them some time after their arrival.
Left click on an alert should probably center the camera on it AND dismiss the notification.
Putting the names of the four tech trees (expansion, economic, military, statecraft) in the developments window would be appreciated. Like the corresponding name on top of each tree (and a specific icon for each as well). They are referenced in missions/events rewards and in the Landsraad but not present in the actual research window.
In main screen, current research type is only identified by a colored loading bar. Not easy for newcomers and useless for colorblind people.
Each tree/research type having its own exclusive icon would make that easier and clearer. Bad mockup example here, other symbols would do fine (sword, house, money, etc). These icons should be used in the Landsraad as well when a resolution concerns one of these research trees. And everywhere a research is mentionned really.
In the events interface, the color of the research icon reward is really hard to distinguish even with good eyes. Again using a specific icon per tree would help a lot.
There are little difference between an ongoing research and one that has been advanced by missions/events. More contrast than the lines around the circle icon would be great.
Showing the actual ingame icon of the building or unit unlocked in the research tree node would be helpful.
The same icon is used to show a faction specific research AND also to tell that this is a capital building research. They should be different to avoid confusion.
The espionage window is a bit of a popup nightmare. The same few infos are duplicated in all agents & slots popups. Instead you could have one single line in the window saying "All assigned agents will generate +1 intel" and in written directly after Arrakis "+1 Authority", for the guild "+2 Manpower", etc.
Several things depend of your total level of infiltration, thus it should be displayed somewhere in the espionage window.
"Operations" being called "missions" as well and how both interact is a bit confusing to me.
The Landstraad and voting system takes a good while to get used too, and I'm still unsure about lots of stuff. What are the rules under proposals choices and IA voting? What are the different phases of the voting process? What are the different type of "laws"? Sometimes I would fit the required conditions but it was never proposed to the vote.
Display the cost of changing the scale of a resolution for Corrino (or other faction's actions): The relevant info is that it costs influence, and how much, and that should be visible in the main Landsraad window and not hidden in a popup.
Landstraad standing of all factions should be displayed in the Landsraad window, like the votes & influence.
The Landsraad process time line should be displayed and all its steps explained in the Landsraad window, not just in the main game screen icon where it's unreadable.
That's it for the ergonomy part, next one will be about gameplay.
Hoping this will be useful, feel free to contact me in case of questions or reactions.
Have a good day!
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2023.03.30 13:22 Manuelm4n Party gets mad at me because they decide to kill an unarmed teenage boy, despite warnings.

Happened recently in a Traveller campaign.
Group of travellers go to a small system that has declared unilateral independence from the Third Empire. The local Duke is who decided this. Group is tasked with assaulting a relatively undefended comms center on orbit.
I have made it clear that this war has gone on for 10 years already, and that the separatists are at their wit's end, with little resources and no-one backing them up.
So party goes in, encounters a bit of resistance. They turn a corner of the station, only to find a single soldier, huddled up on the ground against a wall, shakily aiming a gun at them. I'm in the middle of describing how this guy looks unusally small, with a uniform 3 or 4 sizes too big, when the group attacks.
Initiative (not using simultaneous actions yet, because I haven't fully read the Companion). Guy luckily goes first. Tries to shoot, but the weapon is empty. I describe how he throws it away and covers his face with his hands.
Next is the Marine veteran, who proceeds to shoot straight into this guy's heart. Boom, he's dead. When they get closer, I finally finish my description: this "soldier" looks like a 12-13 year old boy. They get mad at me for not telling them. I tell them I was doing exactly that when they interrupted me for combat. AND they still decided to shoot an unarmed "combatant" who was covering their face in fear. I further explain that my idea was that the separatists are becoming so desperate, they are using levies of anyone who can barely hold a gun and point.
Bit of back and forth later, they accuse me of setting them up, while I gave them plenty of opportunity.
And, before you asked, yes, I had explained to them how Traveller setting is.
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2023.03.30 13:22 blankblank Server spilled a smelly sauce directly onto my lap. Washed my jeans as soon as I got home but I can still smell it. Any tips?

It was a large amount of warm and pungent Cajun cream sauce. They are my favorite dark jeans that I rarely wash because I’m trying to prevent them from fading.
I washed them with unscented Tide (I don’t like scented cleaning products — when I clean my clothes, I don’t want them to smell like lavender or ocean breeze or whatever, I want them to smell like nothing).
It clearly wasn’t enough to get the job done. Is there anything I can spray on the crotch to remove the smell (and not just cover it up with another scent) that won’t discolor the jeans? Thanks for any help.
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2023.03.30 13:21 AutoModerator [Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0

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2023.03.30 13:20 Boris-Borsht Popular Scale D&D Miniatures: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is more than just a tabletop role-playing game; it's a world where imagination, creativity, and strategy come together to create memorable adventures. One of the key aspects that make the game come alive is the use of miniatures to represent characters and creatures in the game. In this article, we'll dive into the world of popular scale D&D miniatures, exploring the top brands, how to choose the right miniatures, and tips for painting and displaying your collection.

A Brief Introduction to D&D Miniatures

Miniatures have been an integral part of D&D since its inception, providing a visual representation of characters, monsters, and NPCs (non-player characters) during gameplay. While not absolutely necessary, they can greatly enhance the experience by adding a tangible element to the game.
When it comes to D&D miniatures, there are several popular scales used in the game, with 25mm or 28mm being the most common. This refers to the size of the miniature, measured from its base to its eye level. If you want to learn more about the different scales used in D&D, check out this comprehensive guide on scale.

Top Brands for D&D Miniatures

There are several brands known for producing high-quality, popular scale D&D miniatures, each with its unique features and styles.

Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures is a well-known name in the world of tabletop gaming. They offer an extensive range of D&D miniatures, with their most popular line being the "Bones" series. These miniatures are made from a durable, lightweight plastic material that makes them affordable and easy to paint.


WizKids is another popular brand in the D&D miniatures space, offering a wide selection of pre-painted miniatures through their "Icons of the Realms" and "Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures" lines. These miniatures are made from high-quality plastic, and their pre-painted status saves you time and effort when preparing for your gaming sessions.

Hero Forge

Hero Forge takes customization to the next level by allowing you to design your own custom D&D miniature through their user-friendly online platform. You can select your character's race, gender, equipment, and pose, and Hero Forge will 3D print your unique design using a variety of materials, including plastic and metal.

Choosing the Right Miniatures for Your Game

When selecting popular scale D&D miniatures for your game, there are several factors to consider:
  1. Scale: Make sure the miniatures you choose are compatible with the scale used in your game. As mentioned earlier, 25mm or 28mm scales are the most common for D&D.
  2. Character Representation: Choose miniatures that accurately represent your character's race, class, and equipment.
  3. Material: Miniatures can be made from various materials, including plastic, metal, and resin. Each material has its pros and cons, so consider factors such as durability, weight, and ease of painting when making your decision.
  4. Budget: D&D miniatures come in a wide range of prices, from affordable plastic options to more expensive, highly detailed metal and resin miniatures. Determine your budget and prioritize your miniature purchases accordingly.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Your D&D Miniatures

Painting your D&D miniatures can be a fun and rewarding process, allowing you to personalize your characters and bring them to life. Here's a step-by-step guide to painting your miniatures:
  1. Clean and Prime: Before painting your miniature, clean it with warm, soapy water to remove any mold release agents or dirt. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry completely. Then, apply a coat of primer to help the paint adhere better to the miniature's surface.
  2. Basecoat: Apply a thin layer of base paint to the entire miniature, covering all areas you plan to paint. Use a larger brush for this step and avoid overloading it with paint. Allow the basecoat to dry before moving on to the next step.
  3. Layering: Begin painting the various sections of your miniature, starting with the largest areas and working your way down to the smaller details. Use a smaller brush for more precision and apply thin layers of paint, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next.
  4. Shading: To add depth and dimension to your miniature, apply a wash or shade to the recessed areas. This will help create shadows and make the details stand out. Use a small brush and dilute the wash with water if necessary.
  5. Highlighting: Highlight the raised areas of your miniature with a lighter shade of paint to emphasize the details and create a sense of depth. Use a fine brush and apply the paint sparingly, focusing on areas that would naturally catch the light.
  6. Finishing Touches: Add any final details or touch-ups to your miniature, such as painting the eyes, adding patterns, or applying decals. Be patient and take your time to achieve the best results.
  7. Sealing: Once your paint job is complete and fully dry, apply a protective coat of matte or gloss varnish to seal the paint and protect it from chipping and wear.

Displaying and Storing Your D&D Miniatures

After investing time and effort into painting your popular scale D&D miniatures, you'll want to display and store them properly. Here are some tips to help you showcase your collection and keep your miniatures safe:
  1. Display Shelves: Use shelves or glass display cabinets to showcase your painted miniatures, keeping them dust-free and protected.
  2. Themed Dioramas: Create themed dioramas or battle scenes to display your miniatures in a more immersive setting, enhancing the visual appeal of your collection.
  3. Storage Cases: When not in use, store your miniatures in foam-lined cases or custom storage solutions designed specifically for D&D miniatures. This will help protect them from damage during transport or storage.
  4. Maintenance: Regularly dust and clean your miniatures to keep them looking their best. If you notice any paint chipping or damage, touch up the paint as needed to maintain their appearance.


Popular scale D&D miniatures can truly elevate your tabletop gaming experience, adding a visual and tactile element to your adventures. By choosing the right miniatures, painting them with care, and displaying them proudly, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Don't forget to explore the various brands available, including Reaper Miniatures, WizKids, and Hero Forge, to find the perfect miniatures for your gaming needs.
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2023.03.30 13:18 BigMonkeEnjoyer39942 MLB X Squid Game (Part 2): Red Light, Green Light

I suggest reading through part 1 here before going any further
Fade in, TV Station, Paris
Nadia: Don't be bemused its just the news, a total of 65 people in paris were reported missing just last night and 83 people in tokyo could this be a coincidence
A list shows up with all the people reported missing the scene then zooms out to Alya who is watching the broadcast on her phone while on the metro after seeing Marinette's name she is chocked
Alya: Marinette, but how
Nino: Alya what alright
Alya: No, I just saw a broadcaste claming Marinette reported missing alongside Chloe and Lila
VIP Lounge, Atlantic Island
Gabriel is pissed off at the Recruiter for failing to prevent Kagami and Adrien from joing in the games
Gabriel: I gave you one task and you messed up
Recruiter: Gabriel, Im sorry
Tomoe: Gabriel it's too late now to do anything if we set the two free they will be busted.
Gabriel: You got lucky this time but if you mess up again that will be the last time i ever see your face again
Recruiter: Don't worry Gabriel I got the costume you needed
Gabriel: Perfect
Gabriel and Tomoe wear special customes and proclaim them selves as the front man and front lady to the elites
Bunk Rooms
Everyone is waking up as the sleep effects begin wear off. Most people feel as if something is missing
Person 1: My necklace
Person 2: My watch
Marinette: My ear rings
Jewerley and other valuables were taken away from the partipants before the game started including the miraculous of the ladybug, black cat and peacock. Suddenly everyone's finger begins vibrating. On the special rings the front man has a message in it he talks in a deeper and more robotic tone in contrast to Gabriel
Front man: Welcome to the squid games where you will have the ability to win a grand prize of $100 billion euros if you lose however you will get nothing. Anyone who dares step out of line will be eliminated. The guards and security cameras will be monitoring every move you make so don't dare breaking the rules here. You have been assigned a uniform which you will change into afterwards you will be served breakfast
The guards come there are 50 of them all holding guns they begin to escort the players to the changing rooms.
Marinette: Don't you think this is weird
Adrien: I should've trusted my gut this is no game this is a prison we can probably talk about this when we head back here
Guards: You will be silent at once
Marinette and Adrien are forced to be silent. They decide to change into their uniform before heading back to the bunk room here they are served an orange and a bottle of water. Felix and Kagami are already here. Felix is scolding at her
Felix: I told you not to come
Kagami: I'm sorry but i had to
Felix: Well we still have one chance left
Marinette and Adrien walk towards felix and kagami
Marinette: Seriously an orange and water
Adrien: Tell me this is the worst combination ever
Kagami: Hey Adrien, hey Marinette
Felix: Listen we've got to stratergise if we want that $100bn euros we gotta work together to win
The three: I agree
Just as they are about to plan Nathalie also offers to join and the four agree and 5 begin planning. Chloe, Lila and Sabrina also try join
Lila: Can we join you too
Felix: We
Nathalie: don't
Adrien: trust
Marinette: You
Chloe: It doesnt matter those five are utterly riduclous and will certainly make us lose
Lila: You're absolutely right chloe
The ring vibrates again Gabriel is ready for the first game
Front man: The guards will now begin to escourt you to your first game you will be briefed on the rules as soon as you get there
Felix: Lets do this
The Guards escourt all 500 contestants a new area where they will play their first game
Valuable Rooms
Tikki wakes up she tried to escape this room she ended up in but the walls are kwami proof. Plagg also wakes up and also tries phasing through the walls.
Tikki: Plagg there is no use the walls are kwami proof
Plagg: Don't worry Ill just use my catacl-
Tikki: Remember the last time you did that it caused a massive explosions besides we should just wait for our holders to finish the game
Red Light Valley
Everyone ends up in a new place called red light valley covered with mountains on all sides and a sand patch. On the other end is a robot which will say red light and green light continously. The front lady then begins to play a message
Front Lady: Welcome to red light green light in a matter of 10 minutes you will have to cross the 500 metre strip if you fail to do so you will be eliminated. If you move during a red light you will be-
Chloe: We get it we play this utterly riduculous game and win
Front Lady: If you say so
Adrien: Chloe why did you say that
Front Lady: In 3,2,1 green light
The games start without Chloe letting Tomoe finish explaining the rules resutling in the time to begin ticking everybody begins to run
Front Lady: Red light
Everybody stops except for Chloe who walks with pride expecting to win
Chloe: What are they going to do shoot m-
Just as Chloe said they shoot her causing to drop dead the other panick resulting in them being shot to death just here 43 people already die.
Felix: Guys just stay calm we can do this
Front Lady: Green light
Nathalie: You guys will have to continue without me my robotic legs are failing to function
Adrien: We can't leave you behind, here grab my hand
As the game continues Adrien and Felix help Nathalie reach the end although they take longer to finish than Lila, Sabrina, Marinette and Kagami they still manage to just on time before everyone who didn't finish gets shot to death a total of 273 people died causing the count to go from 500 to 273.
Marinette: Well we won
Kagami: Barely, this is madness who ever is behind this I will make sure you pay
Adrien: Calm down Kagami atleast we survived
The guards take everyone back to the bunk rooms we then zoom out to see the dead bodies being cleaned up in a screen in the VIP lounge
Vip Lounge: Elite 1: 273 people are people that bad at this, more than half of them are already gone.
Elite 2: Bob this is awesome where did you get think of this
Bob Roth: I took some inspiration from a comic book
Elite 2: Classic Bob also Gabriel I decided to bet all my money into your son winning
Gabriel: Intresting I do hope that will pay off, however it appears he is too selfless to possibly win
Tomoe: Don't worry Gabriel our children appear to be expectional enough to win no one here is of such status
Gabriel: You are right
Police Department, Paris
The police had also been given reports about the missing people in Rome, London and New York Roger is at this scene hoping to solve the crime and meet his daughter again
Roger: Got any leads
Officer: No Chief just more missing reports upwards of 360 people in 5 cities all missing
Roger: I will do anything just to see my daughter again, I just hope she is alright
Bunk Room
Felix managed to help Nathalie fix her robotic legs even though he knows this will have a negative impact on his winning odds.
Felix: and there you are good to go
Nathalie: Thank you so much Felix
As evil as he is Gabriel wants to give everyone who survived a special gift by showing the full features of the ring
Front man: Well done to all 227 of you for surviving our first round we have decided to give you a special reward. Your ring will have access to wide variety of books and movies which you can watch between rounds.
Front Lady: Additionally we will open up a recreational room for all of you to hang out
Everyone is happy about the front man's decesion to provide more recreational amenities little did they know what was happening behind the scene
Person 1: OMG, for real
Person 2: This is amazing even if die i get to enjoy this
Person 3: This is the best day of my life
Felix: Do you really trust this
Adrien: Come on just give it once chance besides we might not even make it out alive
Marinette: Adrien's right can't we have a bit of fun while we can.
Control Room
Gabriel: How innocent, how naive it appears that the cards really are in my favour
Tomoe: Indeed Gabriel this is alot of fun and we will get away scott free if anyone dares to report us nobody will believe
Gabriel: We are unstoppable
-Cut to Black end of part 2-
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